Garage Rock comp from the way-way back of 2010!


All the way back in pre-historic times (2010), we decided to put out a compilation putting together a bunch of the best garage rock and psych bands that were crawling out of the woodwork on Myspace (god, I feel old). From this compilation we met many of the bands that we continue to love and support to this day*. Recently we discovered a stash of these shiny little discs in a box while moving things around! Our inventory loss is now your gain!

Featured on this disc are: Lil Daggers (FL), Puffy Shoes (JP), Murder Mystery (MI), Crappy Dracula (WI), Brown Ghosts (NY), The Ex-Boogeymen (FL), The Magic Words (WI), Death Valley Sleepers (DE), Thunder Bunny (NJ), No Cars (UK), The Super Vacations (VA), Monkey V Robot(SC), PAGEANTS (CA), (the) Snot Rags (IN), The Ornitheologian (CA), The ViNGETTTES (MN), Slow Human Escape (AU), Wild Zeros (FR), The Japanese Lovers (CA), The Pneumonias (FR), Two Tears (CA), Thee Fine Lines (MO), Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands (FL), Velma and the Happy Campers (FL)
*Fun Fact: During the making of this album we met Thunder Bunny, The Japanese-Lovers (now Electric Healing Sound and got contacted right after it came out by Switchblade Cheetah!


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