Tangled Up



The Electric Healing Sound are a minimalist garage rock band from San Diego, CA and based in Tijuana, B.C, MX.

Fronted by Ricky Soltero and including Aldair Cerezo (lead guitar and Eric Curiel (bass), the band was formed in late 2010 and debuted on August 26 of the same year.

Influenced heavily by 60’s garage rock bands as well as late 80’s indie rock noise makers. The Electric Healing Sound have developed a collection of songs that showcase their bi-polar musical personality. Their repertoire range from one chord songs squealing with feedback to sweet full-on pop songs and everything in between. As a live act, the band have built a reputation for noisy energetic live performances garnering them some interest and attention on both the San Diego/Tijuana music scenes.

The band finished recording their debut album titled “Tangled Up” at Electric Orange Studios with music engineer/musician Andrew Montoya [the sess, beaters, ale mania]. Tangled Up was released July 7, 2012.

EHS embarked on their first tour with fellow Cholo Punks label mates Shiva Trash covering a handful of west coast cities. The tour found the band playing Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sonoma, Portland and Seattle.

The band released their self-titled ep for the San Diego indie label Cholo Punks in the summer of 2013.

After a two year break from recording, EHS released “Whistling Song” as a cassette single on Workerbee Records and is set record the follow up to Tangled Up during the fall of 2015.


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