Goldblums – Juicer Video!

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Ugly Singles Club Debut!


Ugly Singles Club is a series of singles kicking off March 25th with an EP freakshow by the French band Double Cheese. Fresh off their 7” release on Frantic City Records. Full of blown out raunchy riffs, this EP is guaranteed to please.

This EP will shortly be followed up by Des Moines natives The Vahnevants, direct decedents of the warbly proto-punk that fills compilations like Pebbles or Back from the Grave. With their single “What’s A Hippy Anyway?” b/w “Mi Juanito” Which will also be available on cassette.

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Ugly Singles Club explained!


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Goldblum’s Live

GOLDBLUMS / live from Transpiritus on Vimeo.

Goldlblums were taped last month by the very talented Transpiritus channel on Viemo, don’t forget once you watch this video a couple times to check out some of his other great videos of local artists.

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